Though the Griswold’s Wagon Queen Family Truckster Station Wagon is most memorable in the first installment of the Vacation series a station wagon style car does make reappearance in Christmas Vacation.

The Truckster is based on a Ford LTD Country Squire station wagon that has been heavily modified. The car was designed by George Barris and was deliberately designed in bad taste as a ridiculous station wagon, with absurdly over-the-top styling. The Truckster features overdone wood paneling, eight headlights (four on each side in a rectangular cluster) taken from another Crown Victoria/Country Squire but inverted, a grille area largely covered by bodywork having only two small openings close to the bumper, a separate oil cooler grille, large chrome hubcaps with a huge crown logo, and a badly-placed gas tank access door (in the front passenger fender).

Griswold Vacation Family Truckster

Replicas of the Wagon Queen Family Truckster have been showing up in real life and scale models.

This scale model created by artist DrilOne.  The metallic pea green wagon is complete with Aunt Edna who is strapped to the roof of the family vehicle and a dog leash hanging off the back bumper.

Vacation Griswold Wagon Queen Family Truckster Station

The detail is amazing right down to the “Honkey Lips!” on the side panel. See more images at

Here are some images of a full scale real life replica Wagon Queen Family Truckster from an auto show.

Vacation Griswold Station Wagon

Griswold Family Station Wagon National Lampoon's